Aaron Kettl

I’m a designer,
builder and inventor

My background is in user experience design, industrial design, material fabrication, architecture, and visual communication.

I currently serve as a Design Director at Procore where I’m focused on growing and sustaining a collaborative design culture of UX Strategy to envision the future of the product.

My work is focused on...

Leading teams

Seeking to understand what motivates and guides people to achieve high functioning teams.

Digital design

Digital product design is my current focus to build intuitive and effortless product experiences.

Physical craft

I enjoy studying materials and fabricating methods to prototype and test my idea.


I'm fascinated by spacial design and structural systems that shape the built environment.


Building teams

I am motivated by craft and doing great work, and I strive to create environments where others can be challenged to do the best work of their careers.

I encourage intellectual curiosity in myself and my team. I believe individuals that are intellectually curious are always learning and seeking out new knowledge. I also encourage everyone to share their knowledge outward to help us collectively grow as a team.

Leadership approach
Selected work

Digital design

Work samples in digital product design, Interaction design & motion.

Travel & Vrbo

Discovery your family getaway.

Coming Soon

Physical craft

Studies in industrial design, material fabrication, & manufacturing.


Central Belly Clamping Mechanism For Drone Carry

I love working through complicated mechanical system. In this experiment my goal was to engineer a clamping system in the center of the drone body to allow a large parcel to of any shape to be easily secured and carried. This design allows for easy clamping of square and cylindrical packages of any length. You can view this model in AR from your mobile device.


Concepts in spacial design, structural systems & urban planning.


I love collaborating with innovative people, so feel free to shoot me a message and we can figure out if we're a fit.

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